SO MUCH DATA.... ....BUT NOT SO MUCH INSIGHT. There's no shortage of raw healthcare data. But it's not just "Big Data" we're dealing with here...it's an incredibly complex universe of data. In a 2014 report "Top Actions for Healthcare Delivery Organization CIOs, 2014: Avoid 25 Years of Mistakes in Enterprise Data Warehousing" by independent research firm Gartner, Inc., vendors reported that healthcare had some of the most complex data of any industry, with the possible exception of government intelligence operations. Our goal at ForestVue is to support your organization in attaining a greater understanding of your data, and to extract meaningful insights that will improve your strategy and outcomes. [Khaama (Afghanistan)] A local senior Taliban ...Arabic for students... leader was killed during the festivities with the Afghan cops in central Pashtun-infested Logar province of Afghanistan. The provincial government in a statement said the incident took place in the vicinity of the historic provincial capital after the Afghan forces were ambushed by a group of Taliban myrmidons. The statement further added that the security forces were transporting logistics to the security posts when they came under fire during the ambush. According to the provincial government, a local big shot of the Taliban identified as Enayat Khan was killed during the festivities.