Derek and Sierra's Weird Worlds

The World's Weirdest Home Videos (NO SCRIPTS!!!)

The Shared Story

Derek and Sierra live hundreds of miles apart. One in Florida, one in Illinois.
You would think that makes it very hard to get in contact AND create their own fake Youtube channels,
Derek and Sierra's Weirdish World, Derek and Sierra's Weirder World, and Derek and Sierra's Gaming World.
But the pair make it work.

Derek and Sierra are cousins.
They are really close, and when Sierra goes to Illinois,
they have lots of fun, play dates, and sleepovers. "We just have a lot of fun," says Sierra.
"When we have sleepovers we are loud,
we have fun, talk about cats, cars,
Derek's TikTok account (Hunting Dogz), and wake up in the morning to a scrumpscious breakfast."

In some videos, You might see their guest co-host and fill-in, Ayla.
She wasn't exactly big on the idea at first, replying with a "Maybe" Sierra's request for guest-co host.
It took a little persuasion, but now, whenever she is on there, Ayla briefly rocks the
channel with her teen makeup tutorials. (They don't know why she does it!)

??????Video Time!??????

Sorry, everybody. The video editor (Sierra) has not yet finished given permission to post her videos.